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We have developed a unique methodology enabling universities to leverage their intellectual property and transform it in successful startup companies.

Our approach is divided into four steps:


1. Entering the Lab

We collaborate with our partner universities and institutions in numerous ways. On the one hand, we organize seminars and courses to improve researchers managerial skills and knowledge. On the other hand, our partners grant us an early view of the patents they file, in addition to access to the most innovative ideas germinating inside their labs.

2. First Investment

Italy produces some of the finest university’s outputs worldwide, but they remain confined in laboratories. Trough the POC program, we wish to change that: we identify the most promising opportunities, in collaboration with our business partners, and we provide researchers the means to implement their ideas.


3. Development

Growing universities’ spin-offs is a crafty and lengthy endeavour. We are fully committed to follow each and every step of our partners throughout their growth, following the POC investment, and leading to seed financing. This phase is all about building a bullet proof business plan.


4. Road to Success

Once the seed investment has taken place, our involvement reaches its peak. This is the time to strengthen spin-offs’ core team, exploiting our networks of seasoned managers, and expand its collaborators. We enter the end game!


Proof of Concept are about potentially disruptive novelties, whose technological soundness and market value still need to be tested. Small, targeted investment in these embryonic ideas is risky, but is key to our positioning at the forefront of innovation: exploration leads to the highest returns!


The VV3TT POC 2018 and 2020 Programs have been a great success of participation with more than 300 applications out of which 14 projects have been selected to be funded! Congratulations to all the winners for their excellent work!


The new industrial revolution and job creation can be achieved with a new generation of leaders, committed to innovation, research and entrepreneurship.


Venture Factory works together with MIB School of Management, introducing traditional and new educational programs. We enable management students and executives to work together with researchers and spin off companies of the leading Italian science and technology research institutions.


Venture Academy combines theoretical lectures, team work, on the job training in a unique environment where participants are engaged with academic professors, top researchers, corporate managers, designers and venture capitalists. We created the most effective learning opportunity and allow candidates to acquire the multidisciplinary, flexible, hard and soft skills needed to become the leaders of the knowledge based industrial economy.


Developing a potentially disruptive technology without fully knowing needs and innovation strategies of one or more corporates is a risk that a start-up or research group can no longer afford to run. Knowing the qualification processes that corporations apply in compliance with quality, safety and security requirements in the various Industries, before lauching an innovative technology, service or platform, does have an exceptional value because it allows to focus immediately on real world product specifications.


We have established a dense network of collaborations with international corporations in order to be able to mediate between supply and need for innovation, investing in a very premature phase of project development, contributing to the derisking of both entrepreneurs / researchers and companies.

We anticipate the future by accelerating the present.

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