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ToothPic proposes breakthrough software solutions and services based on camera identification, i.e., the ability of detecting which camera shot a certain photo or video. This is possible because every sensor leaves an invisible unique fingerprint on the photos it takes, due to imperfections in the manufacturing process. ToothPic Search is a large-scale image search engine for camera identification in forensic investigations. ToothPic Authenticate enables secure and user-friendly multifactor user authentication by recognizing the smartphone camera. It also allows to generate camera-dependent cryptographic keys to sign with your mobile or for antipiracy solutions.

VRMedia S.r.l. is a company operating in the sectors of Virtual and Augmented Reality, developing innovative hardware/software products and solutions devoted to Companies and Research Centers. VRMedia products are commonly used in the Industrial sector, for technical personnel training and for advanced after sales services, as well as research activities and VR applications development by universities, hospitals, and research centers. VRMedia products are also used in the fields of Cultural Heritage and Entertainment.