VV3TT 2020 Proof of Concept Program


The VV3TT 2020 POC Program was developed to help the most talented researchers of italianUniversities/Research Institutes in developing their cutting edge ideas, bridging the crucial phase between basic research and market -ready innovations. Its structure benefit from the experience gained from national and international best practices, with the aim of maximizing the benefits of every party involved in the Program. Winners are granted up to 50.000 net in cash (max Euro 70.000 gross, i.e. w/ university’ administrative expenses and TVA ), to be used in developing their entrepreneurial idea over a period of one year, plus Euro 30.000, in the form of a scholarship valid for our Executive MBA, organised in collaboration with MIB Trieste School of Management. Finally, winners will have access to Venture Factory guidance and mentorship during the entire year of development.


Download the VV3TT POC 2020 poster 


15 January 2020 12 February 2020 : Proposal Due


7 February 2020 6 March 2020 : First Screening Results


10 February – 28 February 2020  9 March – 27 March 2020: Second Screening phase (face to face meeting in Milan)


9 March 2020 6 April 2020: Final results


In order to submit your proposal, the first step you need to take is downloading the POC Program Application Rules and reading it thoughtfully.

Having done that, next step will be filling the Online Form dedicated to the VV3TT 2020 POC Program.

As you will notice, for some of its items, you will  answering directly on the form, for the others, you’ll need downloading, compiling and uploading a couple of additional document, called respectively POC Proposal Template and VV3TT 2020 POC Budget Gantt Template  which, as the title suggests, requires you to specify crucial elements concerning your expected milestones and budget. Keep in mind that we will not consider any additional document.  Crucially, all materials must be shared before the final deadline (see Key Deadlines). Clarity, concisenes and a market oriented mentality are deeply appreciated.


In case of technical problems submitting your proposal, please contact the Team at: poc@venturefactory.tech