ABB Robotics IdeaHub Challenge 2018 and Venture Factory

ABB Robotics, with the support of IdeaHub, a UK based innovation and scouting platform, will soon lunch the 2018 Robotics Challenge. The purpose of this accelerator program is to deliver innovative solutions to some of the biggest issues faced today by the robotic industry.

Robotic startup companies are welcome to apply directly through IdeaHub website.

Furthermore, Venture Factory gives to Italian research teams, the opportunity to have their inventions and patents to be selected and join the ABB Challenge, through its Proof of Concept program. We look for revolutionary technologies that will simplify the world of robotics through:

  • avoiding the programming of robots
  • making easier specific applications such as grasping, picking, painting, etc.
  • making a better and intrinsically safe interaction between human operators and robots
  • enhancing the exchange of information and data within robots and the whole IoT environment

Selected projects will join both our Proof of Concept program and ABB IdeaHub accelerator one.