PoC framework – Open innovation opportunity for Industry 4.0 corporations

NetvalVenture Factory and Vertis, developed the first guidelines for Proof of Concept (PoC) investments in Italy and are now ready to open the calls for a national-wide PoC program. PoC is the most critical step in the technology transfer process, when technologies are transformed in early prototypes, and is currently not supported by any private investor. These guidelines are the result of the first ever, bottom up, joint task force between universities and private investors and they enable the valorization of universities’ intellectual property.

The PoC program developed by Vertis, Venture Factory and their partner universities and institutions, is an open innovation industrial platform dedicated to Industry 4.0 national program. It collects the technological needs of corporations and scouts for their solutions among research groups and universities’ intellectual property. It will create new disruptive innovations for companies involved in Industry 4.0, providing financial resources, education and industrial mentorship.

Andrea PiccalugaChairman of Netval and Full Professor of Innovation Management at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, says “PoC programs are very important for technology transfer processes from public research. Netval has brought its experience and knowledge of the Italian public research system to define guidelines that will make it easier for public research organizations to sign contracts with Vertis and Venture Factory. This proves once more that reciprocal trust and willingness to collaborate can bring very results for entrepreneurship in Italy”.

“Italy is a country with limited natural resources, but universities and research institutions could represent its oil&gas fields. Our PoC framework was created by a small joint task force made of universities representatives and ourselves, with a truly entrepreneurial – yet institutional – spirit.” says Nicola RediPartner of the VV3TT fund “ We believe it is a very effective tool we are glad to share for the good of the whole Italian Industry 4.0 (and beyond) ecosystem; it represents the great progresses achieved in the last 10 years by Italian research institutions and universities in the process of research commercialization.”


About Netval 

NETVAL was founded in November 2002 as a network of universities and public research organizations in Italy. Nowadays, it has more than 70 members and represents over 80% of the Italian public research system. Recently, some research hospitals (IRCCS) have also joined NETVAL. NETVAL’s mission includes: (I) sharing and strengthening the skills of Italian Universities and Public Research Organizations in the field of the valorisation of research results; (II) providing an interface with industry; (III) consolidating expertise in the area of commercial projects and intellectual property management; (IV) developing international contacts for the benefit of NETVAL’s members. During the last 10 years of activity NETVAL has been focusing its activities on the dissemination of information and culture of Knowledge Transfer (KT) in Italy through initiatives aimed at bringing together the Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) of Universities and Public Research Organizations through training courses, meetings and thematic working groups. NETVAL has become an authority in the field of knowledge transfer activities and Third Mission, as demonstrated by the numerous projects, meetings and joint events organised, among others, with Italian and international organisations. More info: www.netval.it

About Vertis SGR

Vertis is an asset management company specialized in “Innovative Made in Italy” industries. Vertis is the only private equity and venture capital player located in Southern Italy, with headquartered in Naples, and an operative office in Milan. Its senior team has more than 120 years of cross-sectorial experience in finance, industry, research and consulting. For more information, visit www.vertis.it

About Venture Factory 

Venture Factory is the exclusive advisory company of Vertis Venture 3 Technology Transfer fund. It is led by a team of senior professionals with significant background in venture capital, multinational industries, technology transfer and research. Venture Factory works together with universities, research institutions, corporations and venture capital funds in order to turn great discoveries into successful products, services and companies. For more information, visit:  www.venturefactory.tech.