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We collaborate with top research institutions to meet the need of corporations and venture capitalist


Consortium for innovation and technology transfer of Emilia-Romagna (Aster)


Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA)


HIT – Hub Innovazione Trentino


Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)


University of Sassari


University of Cagliari


Institute for Advanced Studies (IMT)


National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)


Turin Polytechnic University


Sant’Anna School of

Advanced Studies


Università Campus Biomedico


Università del Sannio


University of Catania

University of Modena of

Reggio Emilia


University of Naples, Federico II


University of Padua


University of Pisa

University of Pavia


Polytechnic University of Marche


CNR – Institute of Complex Systems


University of Calabria

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